* Light and moderate regular exercises during pregnancy, apart from lifting weights, will not only protect the pregnant woman from excess weight gain, but also strengthen the pelvic muscles and will make the birth easier.

* In addition, exercise will also be beneficial in preventing low back and back pain during pregnancy.

*Plates, brisk walking and swimming are very beneficial during pregnancy. If there is no medical disease or any risk related to pregnancy, light or moderate exercise can be done at least 3 times a week.

*3. After the month, exercises performed by spreading on the back and standing for a long time should be avoided. If shortness of breath, weakness, and dizziness are felt, the exercise should be terminated immediately.

* Care should be taken in fluid intake.

*As the center of gravity of the body changes, exercises that may cause loss of balance should be avoided.

*Exercise should be avoided if there are conditions such as pregnancy-related hypertension, preterm birth or premature rupture of membranes (opening of the water bladder before birth), cervical insufficiency, recurrent miscarriage history or risk of miscarriage, ongoing bleeding, placement of the placenta close to the cervix and growth retardation. .

*In addition, in the presence of conditions such as hypertension, heart, thyroid, lung and vascular diseases before pregnancy, the pregnant should be evaluated in detail in terms of exercise.

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